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Anais Guery アナイス・ゲーリー


Anaïs Guery is active as a fashion designer, and since around 2012 has also been working as an indigo dyeing artist. She has profound knowledge of unique Japanese techniques, such as learning sukumo (production of fermented indigo leaves used to dye fabric and threads) in Tokushima, and produces indigo and dyes textiles in her own studio. Guery’s work, which combines the historic legacy of French couture and artistic experimentation with materials, is always brimming with poetic feeling and can be called “wearable sculpture.”

Arthur Leitner アーサー・レイトナー


After graduating in architecture, Arthur Leitner decided to focus on furniture and product design to be able follow the creation process and get closer to the makers. He worked in Brazil and in Paris for the Campana brothers, Louis Vuitton Malletier, Carpenters workshop gallery and Hervé van der Straeten. Nowadays, working as a freelance designer, he remains deeply interested in the fundamental link between designers and makers rather at the craft or industrial scale.

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